Assess readiness to buy a home

Assess Readiness to buy a home

Are you a first time home buyer
Are ready to become a home buyer, while it may be acceptable to buy a car on an impulse, the choice to buy a home requires thoughtful planning and decision making.
If you’re a first time home buyer a home is a financial and emotional decision that requires the experience and support of a team of reliable professionals, Real Estate Agent, a Lender and a range of other individuals.
Are you financial ready for homeownership
While your dream home may not be within your reach right away, you can take steps to become a homeowner the moment you earn your first time home buyers certification.
In order to qualify for down payment assistance to buy a home, you’ll need good credit, a history of paying your bills on time while still saving money and a maximum debt-to-income ratio-your gross monthly income compared to the minimum payments on all recurrence debts-of 43% or less, so the lower your debt-to income ratio, the better your chances of a mortgage loan.